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Trent Leopold
KGM, Media Coordinator & Prayer Ministry Partner


40 Days

Understanding the Heart and Mind of God

Have you ever wondered what Jesus did in the wilderness for 40 days? I did.
Imagine if it were you, alone, in the desert, for 40 whole days, no food.
Ernie and Rob have written a book (with the help of Dona Klein and Dian McClain) to help explain what Jesus was doing while exiled in the desert .   
What questions do you think Jesus asked God? What did They talk about?
Was Jesus feeling distressed and alone, or was someone there to comfort Him?

The conversation envisioned is an in-depth look what transpired between Father and Son.
To get the most out of this journey we recommend that you read one story each day for forty days. With each story are a prayer and scripture suggestions for further study.

Use this link to order your copy of the New Book and experience what Jesus experienced in the wilderness.   Click Here

Message To Pastors

Ernie and Rob specialize in teaching the Names of God Seminars at churches of all denominations. It is a message of God's love for us that is found in His Name. To have these eye opening seminars taught at your church go to this section to get more information and find out how to book the seminars. Click here

3ABN Radio Program Information

Knowing God Ministries is not broadcasting on 3ABN Radio at this time.
You may receive FREE the 20 (15 minute) programs on three (3) CD’s by requesting via our “Contact Us” Page above; or by calling 817-253-7290 with your request.
The fast paced, interesting programs are completely captivating and demonstrate God’s loving character in a way you might not have considered before.

"Names of God" Seminar Information

The “Names of God” seminar, which has been presented at churches and camp meetings all across the United States and Canada, can be presented to your church family.The Scriptures come alive as never before when you study them using the names that God gave Himself. Click here

"Names of God" Seminar Locations

Here you will find the dates and locations of all of the Names of God seminars being conducted by Ernie and Rob around the country. If you would like to schedule one of these multi-day events for your group or church please contact Knowing God Ministries using this link. Click here

Chronological Listing of all
Names of God Seminars

We have put together a list of all of the Names of God Seminars that Ernie and Rob have conducted to date. We are not bragging about it but it is a pretty impressive list. Click here

Adult Bible Study Audio Files

This section of our website is where you will find all of our Adult Study Lessons and Bible Study Topics. They are formated as mp3 files for your listening pleasure. Or if you would like copies of the files simply right mouse click on the name of the lesson and use "save target as" to save them to your hard drive. So just sit back and enjoy the free audio files. Click here

About Us

Learn more about Dr. Rob Sheppard, Pastor Ernie Pyle, and Dr. Roger Doss. Gain insight into their lives, history, how and why the Knowing God Ministries was founded. Click here