Names of God

I am that I am


Yahweh Jireh
The Lord Will Provide

Covenant Maker

El Shaddai
God Almighty

Yahweh Nissi
The Lord is my Banner

Yahweh Shammah
God Dwells In Us

Jehovah M'Kadesh
Lord who Sanctifies

Yahweh Shalom
The Lord Our Peace

Yahweh Sabaoth
Lord of Hosts



South Central Conference Camp Meeting all night prayer meeting event of June 5, 2012.
L to R:  Pastor Ernie Pyle – Elder Roy Rugless,  Director of Men’s and Prayer Ministries – Dr. Rob Sheppard
We were so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to bring the “Names of God” Seminar to the South Central Conference.



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October 21 & 22

Alvarado, Texas Round 2

To Be Announced 2016 Keller SDA Church    
To Be Announced 2016 Fil-Am SDA Church    

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Article on Names of God Seminar

by Richard Yeakley