Names of God

I am that I am


Yahweh Jireh
The Lord Will Provide

Covenant Maker

El Shaddai
God Almighty

Yahweh Nissi
The Lord is my Banner

Yahweh Shammah
God Dwells In Us

Jehovah M'Kadesh
Lord who Sanctifies

Yahweh Shalom
The Lord Our Peace

Yahweh Sabaoth
Lord of Hosts

"Names of God" Seminar

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The “Names of God” seminar, which has been presented at churches and camp meetings all across the United States and Canada, can be presented to your church family…at no charge. (The Ministry Team does request a love offering to help cover traveling expenses.) Scriptures come alive as never before when you study them using the names that God gave Himself. Some names that may be covered:

YAHWEH (I Am That I Am): God is the perfect standard of righteousness, and will point out those things that separate us from Him. When we understand this name, acts of God that seem difficult and harsh in the Old Testament are seen in an entirely new way.

***ABBA (Daddy): This intimate name is the kindest and sweetest of all the names. It reveals God as a daddy who sits on the floor and lovingly plays with His children.   

***YAHWEH-Jireh (The Lord Will Provide): When difficult times come, God can be fully trusted!

***ELOHIM (Covenant Maker): God introduces Himself with this name, which promises that He will never leave or forsake that which He has created.

EL SHADDAI (God Almighty): The “Many Breasted One” nourishes and pours forth blessings for His children.

YAHWEH Nissi (The Lord is My Banner): This name invites us to rally around God who is our banner and our place of victory and protection.

YAHWEH-Shammah: We can live a confident and courageous life knowing that God dwells in us and has a plan for our future.

JEHOVAH M’Kadesh (Lord Who Sanctifies): God is our means of sanctification and sets us apart for His purposes.

YAHWEH Shalom (The Lord Our Peace): God is the provider of a peace that passes human understanding.

***YAHWEH Sabaoth (Lord of Hosts): God yearns for us to come to Him so that we may be free of the snares of Satan. Only He can refine and purify His children.

The weekend series is designed to cover four names (Presentation schedule can be tailored as needed):

1st name:
Friday evening, 7-8:15 pm
2nd name:
Saturday morning, 9:30-10:30 am
3rd name:
Saturday morning, 11-12 noon
Free lunch provided:
Saturday, 12-1 pm
4th name:
Saturday afternoon, 1-2 pm


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  • The Ministry Team is so delighted to share this message with you, that each familyattending will receive the fifteen (15) CD collection (a $50 value)—FREE!! Some CDs are recorded in open-discussion, Bible study group format, providing a sense of participation. These four (4) names***are available for purchase on DVD. For more details, an order form can be found in the back flap of the study binder, or Click Here.

  • Each attendee will receive a Bible-size, laminated study aide showing the Hebrew name, pronunciation, and definition—FREE!! 

  • Contact the Knowing God Ministries team at 817.253.7290 (Cell) or Click Here to schedule a seminar for your church.